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My CT scan after radiation looked good! The spots on my liver shrunk down to what they think is just scar tissue. Most importantly, there is no new disease. So while I can't quite say "NED", I've gone over a year without new disease and that's a big accomplishment. 

I'll spend the next two months recovering and enjoying a long awaited break, and in December I'll have a pet scan. For now I am just going to be watched closely and be thankful for the health I have right now. My doctor says I am "lightyears ahead" of his other patients with pancreatic cancer and for that I feel very fortunate! 

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I am so happy for you,! You have already beat many statistics. You may be one of those people that it never recurs!, Enjoy your next few months and try not to dwell on the “what if’s”...
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That's wonderful! Good for you! Stay well.
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Fantastic news Catherine! I'm I smiling and happy for you. May you have continued success!
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Certainly great news Catherine. I'm rooting for you, I'm sure everyone here ids. Keep up the good work.
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That's amazing and wonderful. Your young age is on your side also. So good to read this🤗
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Awesome! Fantastic!
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Hi Catherine, I just read your story on the American Cancer society's page. What a journey you've been on for one so young. You are brave and an inspiration to all. I pray for a complete recovery and a NED diagnosis for you.
Hope you had a merry Christmas and that your health remains well! How did your scan go?
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Finally some news...

I have been MIA for the last few months, but I finally have an update I want to share. This has been a tough battle, as all of you know, and socializing has become a bit more difficult.

I had scans last week and they showed no evidence of spreading, which is great news. Unfortunately, one of the spots on my liver is starting to wake up so they discontinued the chemo I was on and I am starting radiation combined with oral chemo to get rid of them. If there is anything left after, I might be able to have surgery. The important thing is that I have remained healthy after 9 months of chemo and they are able to take such an aggressive approach. An indefinite break after radiation would be amazing. 

There's no way to know if or when it will come back, but I have many options and new treatments continue to come out. I have gone almost a year with no new disease, so I'd like to believe all this struggling is worth something. I am so lucky to have this amazing medical team at Mass General in Boston. I agreed to take part in pancreatic cancer research to hopefully help with the search for a cure. They'll be taking an extra tube of blood and they have access to all of my records. 

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Thoughts and prayers that you continue to have good news, and continue to stay healthy and strong. I am sending Positive Vibes out to you
Hi Catherine! I'm so glad to hear your news and of your outlook on life and cancer. Absolutely, new things happening in ca tx with each passing day and you have youth (I'd say 30 is youthful!) on your side too. Joe and I have some very odd diseases/maladies and so we were approached a few years ago for genome testing; we are 2 of 1,000 people here, and yes, just an extra tube of blood. God bless and please keep in touch🙏🏻👍🏻
And your news is very good. No new cancer is great news and your doctors are right on top of it. Keep up the good work, I know the chemotherapy is not easy. I am sending prayers and good vibes your way.
Happy Birthday , God Bless
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! You are in my prayers.
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